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Our Forestry team is passionate about working collaboratively and creatively with you to solve complex forest management challenges in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our goal is to help you increase your bottom line, reduce your pains and strengthen your business.

We’ve been able to achieve this for our clients through proven approaches to complex problem solving, our expertise in connecting strategic and tactical planning, and our proficiency in process innovation, technical innovation and business innovation.


We understand the issues faced by forestry companies in keeping costs down while also trying to grow and monitor their forest in a sustainable way.

We can create, model, analyze and visualize data for you to inform your decision making while also helping you find the balance between social, environmental and economic challenges, resulting in better outcomes for all.

Our pursuit for innovation, combined with our analytical experience, and history utilizing advanced technology, positions our diverse team of professionals to solve today’s forest management challenges in ways others can’t.

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs), Project Managers, Forest Technicians, Resource Analysts, Drone Pilots, Statisticians and GIS Specialists.

If you need to meet certification standards, get an AAC approved, reduce your delivered log costs, understand your data to ensure proper distribution of your product, or align your annual needs with your planning process, we can help.

Whether you require one of our services or a range of them, you always benefit from the collective expertise and insight of our diverse and passionate team of resource professionals. Our growing list of long-term clients appreciates that we can provide a comprehensive suite of forestry-related services all under one roof.

If you’re looking for a client-first team that you can trust to solve your
 forest management needs, then we would love to hear from you.

Ryan Spooner, RPF
Director of Forest Resource Analysis

Forestry Services

We are world-leading experts in all facets of forest management planning, including:

  • Management plan development
  • Project management
  • Net land base development
  • Yield curve creation
  • Timber supply analysis (Allowable Annual Cut (AAC))
  • VOITs analysis
  • Non-timber value assessments
  • Landscape assessment
  • Operational spatial sequencing
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Operational planning

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We have a range of talented forestry experts who want to support you in optimizing your forest resource. We can help you with everything from:

  • Inventory modelling and analysis
  • Forest resource valuations and insights to help inform managers and investors
  • Spatial optimization or simulation models using Remsoft or Patchworks
  • Production and growing costs
  • Woodflow projections
  • Growth and yield analysis
  • Option summarization
  • Asset reporting
  • Cost and revenue incorporation

We’re driven to solve complex data challenges related to your forest. Some examples of work we regularly complete include:

  • Statistical modelling and prediction
  • Summary visualization
  • Log diet and piece size analysis
  • Cycle time determination and assessments
  • Operational volume exploration
  • Incorporating all data sets (LiDAR, SGM, etc.)
  • Biomass and carbon assessments

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Bridging the gap between strategic and tactical is something that we excel at. Some of our expertise in this space includes:

  • Short-term and mid-term tactical planning
  • Modelling with Woodstock and Patchworks
  • Road optimization modelling
  • Cut block optimization modelling
  • Sequence assessments
  • Detailed block layer

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We want to help you use drone technology to better inform your management decisions without the need for extensive in-house resources.

  • Monitoring:
    • Linear monitoring
    • Tree or crop health monitoring
    • Harvest operations monitoring
  • Flight reviews
  • Group training (for groups of 6+)
  • Pre-commercial thinning planning
  • Field scouting
  • Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)
  • Establishment and competition assessments
  • Volumetric and terrain measurements
  • Land cover classification  
  • Spatial modelling and optimization at both a strategic and operational scale (Remsoft, Patchworks)
  • Spatial wood supply optimization
  • Carbon accounting (as part of spatial modelling and FMP)
  • Multi-indicator species at risk modelling and mitigation planning
  • Forest management plan (FMP) support and development
  • Fibre optimization and modelling
  • Growth and yield analysis
  • Facility feasibility studies
  • Biomass evaluations
  • Working with enhanced forest inventories for planning
  • Business plan development
  • Drone mapping, drone training, drone advanced certification and flight review

Beyond the main service offerings listed, we regularly complete a wide array of professional outputs for our clients, such as:

  • Annual reports for certification and regulatory bodies
  • Detailed block information
  • Carbon analysis
  • Growth and yield analysis
  • Operational planning
  • Land use planning
  • Stewardship planning
  • Geospatial mapping
  • Stakeholder and Indigenous engagement and presentations

Strategic planning for:

  • Wood supply analysis
  • Non-fibre values analysis
  • Wildlife and species at risk analysis

Project Management: 

  • Complete project management
  • Task tracking and status reporting
  • Communications and visualizations of project plans

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Why Choose Our Forestry Team

Over 35 Years of

We have completed more approved Forest Management Plans (FMPs) than any other consultant in Western Canada

Registered Professional Foresters

We have many RPFs on our team, including RPFs registered in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario

Government Policy Requirements

We have developed a collaborative approach to engaging regulators during the planning process to get your approvals faster

Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions

We are driven to find innovative ways to complete your project for less money


Looking for Forest Management Software?

Designed by forestry professionals, for forestry professionals, Silvacom FMS™ (Forest Management System) is an Esri-based integrated system of geospatial cloud-based forest management applications that empower forestry companies to plan harvesting activities, track operations, manage silviculture, generate georeferenced maps and much, much more.

With Silvacom FMS forestry software there is no need for companies to pay upfront software licensing fees, invest in their own infrastructure, or hire specialized staff to build and maintain an expensive system.



"I’ve represented clients for whom Silvacom has worked for close to 30 years.  What has always stood out to me is their attention to detail and commitment to understanding and providing what the customer wants."

Greg Branton, Consultant

"Silvacom has consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver high quality, innovative products and services for our wide range of needs and initiatives in land management and provides us with the systems and resources to act swiftly and effectively on new challenges and opportunities as they arise."

Gordon Whitmore, Mercer International

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