Key Componets of a

Forest Management Plan

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Developing Forest Management Plans (FMPs) is a dynamic process, incorporating knowledge from research, new policy, and legislative changes. FMPs focus on activities (i.e., establishing, growing, and harvesting timber) of forestry companies operating within one or more Forest Management Units (FMUs).

We work with companies to ensure sustainable forest management through the maximization of positive benefits from the resource and the reduction of negative impacts on other values.


Our forestry team is an innovative leader in all facets of forest management planning, including:

  • Management plan development
  • Project management
  • Contributing land base development
  • Yield curve creation
  • Timber supply analysis (Allowable Annual Cut (AAC))
  • VOITs analysis
  • Non-timber value assessments
  • Landscape assessment
  • Operational spatial sequencing
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Operational planning
Strategic FMP Components Infographic

Download our free Key Components of a Forest Management Plan checklist for an overview of forest management planning in Alberta.

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