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Silvacom is a leading natural resource management company providing professional services to private and public sector organizations

We understand the issues faced by business and government in managing natural resources sustainably and we are leading experts in helping our clients navigate ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Our pursuit for innovation combined with our analytical experience and history utilizing advanced technology positions our diverse team of professionals to solve today’s natural resource management challenges in ways others can’t.


Our approach to complex problem solving incorporates process innovation, technical innovation and business innovation helping clients connect the strategic to the tactical. By bringing data and processes together we provide solutions that produce results.

Our wide range of services includes forest management plans, forest estate modelling, data analytics, tactical planning and optimization, linear restoration, environmental monitoring, environmental landscape planning, vegetation inventories, disturbance updates and assessments and image analysis.

Whether you require one of our services or a range of them, you always benefit from the collective expertise and insight of our diverse and passionate team of resource professionals.

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Silvacom has consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver high quality, innovative products and services for our wide range of needs and initiatives in land management and provides us with the systems and resources to act swiftly and effectively on new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Gordon Whitmore, Mercer International

I’ve represented clients for whom Silvacom has worked for close to 30 years.  What  has always stood out to me is their attention to detail and commitment to understanding and providing what the customer wants

Greg Branton, Consultant

We have been working closely with Silvacom on a large scale linear restoration project for 10 years. As a key project partner, Silvacom has provided strategic and specialized expertise in planning, implementation and monitoring. The Silvacom team has provided us with high-quality work and excellent client service and they have made an important contribution to the success of this award-winning project.

Senior Advisor, Compliance and Environment, Global Energy Company

Silvacom helped us complete two state-of-the-art AVIs whose quality surpasses anything that we have had to work with before and I’m very proud of the work that the Silvacom team have accomplished. The completion of 2.7 million ha of interpretation at this high level of quality in three years, on time and on budget, was truly impressive.

Gordon Whitmore, Mercer International

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