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The Ontario forestry sector is poised for growth. With the establishment of a forest sector strategy, the provincial government has placed a focused effort on increasing business opportunities within a sector that has seen significant reductions since 2000. This is great news, not only for the province, but for global fiber demand; Canada has some of the highest environmental standards in the world so increased global consumption will be met with forest products that are managed sustainably.

Silvacom is your spatial wood supply expert and has resources in Ontario available to help solve your business challenges.

The complexity of forest management has increased significantly over the past decade with organizations now required to consider multiple opportunities and constraints. Examples include:

  • Managing a woodbasket with increased pressures
  • Natural disturbance (fires, insects)
  • Caribou habitat considerations
  • New entrants into the market
  • Evaluating alternative business strategies
  • Meeting or exceeding environmental requirements
  • Species at risk
  • Extensive stakeholder consultation
Ontario forest management
Managing woodbaskets in Ontario

This complexity needs to be met with innovative approaches to forest management so that you have predictable woodflows today and the agility to respond to changing market conditions tomorrow. We bring proven consulting services and software solutions to the Ontario landscape. Whether it’s optimizing your existing forest management plan, solving a complex land management issue, or helping you minimize your data management with stakeholder engagement and cloud-based GIS solutions, we are up to the challenge. 

Our consulting services include:

  • Spatial modelling and optimization at both a strategic and operational scale (Remsoft, Patchworks)
  • Spatial wood supply optimization 
  • Carbon Accounting (as part of spatial modelling and FMP)
  • Multi-indicator species at risk modelling and mitigation planning
  • Forest management plan (FMP) support and development
  • Fibre optimization and modelling
  • Growth and yield analysis
  • Facility feasibility studies
  • Biomass evaluations
  • Working with enhanced forest inventories for planning
  • Business plan development 
  • Drone mapping, drone training, drone advanced certification and flight review
Forestry consulting services
Forestry software solutions

Our software solutions include:

  • SilvacomFMS - cloud-based forest management software, collaborative GIS work and mapping 
  • Jambo - stakeholder relationship management (SRM) software
  • Enterprise GIS web applications (in-house or cloud-based) 
  • Custom software solutions like the FireSmart Hub

* All our solutions work with Starlink so whether you have fibre optic internet or wood fibre on your boots, our solutions work where you are.

Current Ontario Projects:

  • Wiikwemekoong First Nation - Drone business plan and decision support tool development
  • Resolute FP Canada Inc. - Enterprise GIS solution development
  • Lakehead University and Forest Industry Partners - Caribou Habitat Multi-Indicator Analysis - Churchill and Brightsand Ranges
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