By Silvacom on August 31, 2023

Forest Management Planning to Reduce the Impacts of Forest Fires

Forest fires are an important driving force in forest structure, composition, and merchantability, and forest managers must understand wildfire risk and behaviour to protect their forest resource and its users. Silvacom has several programs to help forest managers plan and adapt to wildfire in the short and long term.

FireSmart Planning 

Silvacom is experienced and skilled at walking communities through the development of their own FireSmart program. FireSmart is a national program that helps communities increase their resilience to wildfire through the development and implementation of wildfire mitigation strategies, vegetation management plans, and hazard and risk assessments. We can assist forest managers or community leaders in applying for funding, developing and implementing plans, and managing vegetation to help mitigate wildfire risk. Contact Libby Price to learn more about how Silvacom can help you through the FireSmart program. 


Landscape Fire Risk Management 

With expertise in landscape-level fire risk management, Silvacom aids forest managers in planning and mitigating risks within their Forest Management Agreement (FMA) Areas. These plans typically involve vegetation inventories, planning and modelling, scenario mapping, and the development of recommendations to maximize output while mitigating wildfire risk. Contact Ryan Spooner to find out how Silvacom can help develop a landscape-level fire risk management plan for your FMA.  


Wildfire Boundary Mapping 

Silvacom understands the challenges associated with mapping wildfire boundaries. Our team is equipped with drones to precisely map out the boundaries of extinguished wildfires to accurately measure burned area. Our team can also measure regeneration and strata transition to assist with operational planning and decision-making. Contact Ryan Spooner to find out how we can help today.  


Silvacom FMS (Forest Management System) 

Analytics and planning to reduce and mitigate impacts of wildfire is integral. What you do with the outputs (data) from FireSmart planning, Landscape Fire Risk Management and Wildfire Boundary mapping is correlated with how effectively communities and decision makers can implement plans and ultimately manage for fire. Silvacom FMS is a cloud-based geospatial suite of tools that put large datasets (fire risk layers, satellite images and even live NASA wildfire data) into the hands of forest managers, community leaders and boots on the ground workers, arming them with the knowledge and data they need to manage for wildfires while also efficiently building and executing on fire salvage plans. 

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