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Bringing strategy and innovative solutions to natural resource management since 1983

We’re a leading natural resource management company providing professional services to private and public sector organizations.


We’re passionate about working collaboratively and creatively with our clients and partners to solve complex natural resource management challenges in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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At Silvacom, we understand the issues faced by business and government in managing natural resources sustainably and we are leading experts in helping clients navigate ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Our pursuit for innovation combined with our analytical experience and use of advanced technology positions our diverse team of professionals to solve today’s natural resource management challenges in ways others can’t.

Whether you require one of our services or a range of them, you always benefit from the collective expertise and insight of our diverse and passionate team of environmental professionals.

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Customer-First Team

We pride ourselves on building meaningful, trusting and long-lasting relationships.

How We Approach Innovation

We incorporate process, technical, and business innovation to help connect the strategic to the tactical.

We Care About Your
Bottom Line

Our team are driven to find innovative ways to complete your project for less money.

We’re Data Fanatics

Our team of experts create, model, analyze and visualize data for our clients to help inform their decision-making.

Wildfire Prevention Techniques

We find the best and keep the best, so our clients
always get the best!

Join our highly engaged, experienced and passionate team of resource professionals.


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