What is FireSmart?

Wildfires are a natural part of Canada’s wildland ecosystem and play an integral role in nature. They recycle nutrients, regenerate the forest and create diverse vegetation that provides wildlife habitat. As the population continues to grow, and communities become more intertwined with forested landscapes, the risk of wildfire to homes and infrastructure increases. Recent wildfire […]

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Algar Ecosystem Service Project

That’s a Wrap: A Review of the Algar Ecosystem Service Project

Five years ago, following the first large-scale restoration project of its kind, Silvacom and project partners set out to quantify the additional benefits of linear restoration of legacy seismic lines. This project was supported by Alberta Innovates through the Ecosystem Service and Biodiversity Network (ESBN) which exists to advance Alberta’s knowledge surrounding ecosystem services and […]

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The BRIMS Web Application: Shaping the Alberta Bioeconomy

Biomass and the Bioeconomy in Alberta The energy market is changing across the globe as governments and industry seek clean technology solutions in a low carbon economy. Biofuels can play a key part in reducing the carbon intensity of our economy. For example, wood pellets offer a direct conversion opportunity to replace or supplement coal […]

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New Tools for Measuring Forest Sector Ecosystem Services

Forests provide society with many beneficial ecosystem services, including wood products, biodiversity, fresh water, recreation and carbon storage. The forest industry understands this and recognizes the importance of ecosystem services to society. In fact, ecosystem services are embedded in sustainable forest management principles such as the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) forest certification standard. Forest managers […]

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Silvacom Calgary

News Release: The Silvacom Group’s Calgary Office is Moving to the Downtown Core

EDMONTON, AB, June 22, 2018 – The Silvacom Group is excited to announce that we’re expanding and moving our existing Calgary location to a prime downtown location. Accessible via the Plus 15 pedestrian system (+15 Skywalk), this move will help our three companies (Silvacom Ltd., MNC Ltd. and Altalis Ltd.) continue to grow and offer […]

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