Valtus Views Subscriptions

Silvacom has been working with our partners, Valtus Imagery Services, to provide clients with Valtus Views subscriptions and innovative derivative products.

With our Valtus Views Subscription, new high resolution imagery will be available to you, on a scheduled 3 year refresh cycle at an affordable price. Subscriptions provide imagery for both desktop and web-based GIS services.

View the 2010-2012 Valtus Acquired Imagery Map

Silvacom’s professional foresters meet with clients to customize solutions that fit their needs.

    • Ongoing acquisition
    • Scheduled 3 year refresh cycle
    • Ultra high resolution imagery
    • 40cm dpi
    • Standards based
    • No plug-ins
    • Full access account and user administration tools
    • On the fly projection, scaling and mosaics
    • 24/7 service availability and reliability via best in class infrastructure
    • Annual subscription based pricing with unlimited use
    • Get stereo imagery from the same flight plans

Key Highlights

  • Stream the entire Valtus imagery library through your GIS software using a WMS feed (Silvacom Online, Esri based products, etc.)
  • Special pricing for high resolution, 4-band multispectral imagery updated on a regular schedule (orthophotos, stereo imagery for softcopy interpretation, 4-Band multispectral imagery for Alberta) is available
  • This imagery is perfect for new automated vegetation inventory approaches, like the Comprehensive Automated Land Inventory (CALI) program being developed by Silvacom with the sponsorship of 7 stakeholders
  • The ability to download imagery for local use is available
  • Stereo imagery is available through custom order and delivered via FTP or hard-drive
  • The imagery is perfect for completing vegetation inventories, environmental feature inventories, land use updates, etc.

All of this is available at an extremely attractive price compared to traditional imagery acquisition programs.

Silvacom is Uniquely Positioned as a Valtus Views Reseller, as We Are Also an End User

This end user experience allows us to better understand both the product and our clients’ needs, leading to better service and solution implementation.

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