Trusted Relationships and Analysis

Silvacom offers comprehensive land use services that are tailored to fit an individual company’s needs. Over the past 20 years, our company has developed business processes that expedite the processing of land use applications.

Silvacom has developed trusted business relationships with both the forestry and energy industries – a key element in program execution and conflict management. Our land use team has developed streamlined work flows that include document management, review of criteria, and the preparation of standardized paperwork (letters, faxes, emails etc.) Specific services include:

  • Complete management of land use data
  • Digitizing, overlaying and updating spatial data (for both current and historical dispositions)
  • Management of consents for land use dispositions
  • Timber Damage Assessment (TDA) invoicing and administration
  • Master withdrawal agreement administration
  • Complete accounting services including the setup of bank trust accounts, fund transfers, account follow-ups and remittance of funds back to the client
  • Road use management and invoicing

Silvacom Specializes in Analysis of Land Use Data

Silvacom is uniquely positioned to provide land use solutions to the forestry and energy industries. Proprietary data management applications have been developed to expedite accurate processing of land use agreements and survey plans. Features and benefits of our system include:

  • A complete systems-oriented approach to land use services – from start to finish
  • Geospatial data and analytical tools for effective land use management
  • Accurate and timely information for operational planning
  • ISO 9001 quality control and assurance programs to validate results
  • Thorough accounting of timber damage and road use revenue
  • Secure 24/7 accessibility of corporate information via our proprietary online land use application

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