Spatial analysis of geospatial data provides the ability to:

  • Layers
    Analyze Locations
  • 9 circles in pattern
    Reveal Patterns in Data
  • A road over a stream
    Expose Relationships Between Spatial Features
  • Dialogue balloons
    Provide Decision Support

Silvacom is Passionate About Geospatial Analysis


The power of geospatial information lies in its organization and content – as well its “location-based” characteristics. Spatial features are consolidated in logical layers within a georeferenced context. Spatial analysis unlocks knowledge about relationships and interconnectivity within and between those layers.


Silvacom employs a diverse, multidisciplinary team of GIS specialists and resource analysts who work together to examine and analyze relationships between data to answer questions, solve problems and predict outcomes.

Our creative team uses geoprocessing and spatial analysis tools to extract value from geospatial data – and to suggest solutions to complex issues facing our clients.

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We invest heavily in industry-leading software, hardware and training for our staff. Our deep understanding of the intricacies of spatial data ensures that Silvacom provides the most accurate, cost efficient spatial analysis solutions for our clients.

Extract Value from Geospatial Data

Silvacom specializes in the acquisition, management and analysis of geospatial data. We were early industrial adopters of GIS and have become expert at deploying spatial analytics for business decision support. Silvacom has developed unique expertise in efficiently analyzing complex data. Our multidisciplinary team, along with our commitment to technological innovation, provide our clients with accurate answers to complicated business and technical questions.

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