Silvacom’s Approach to Business Analytics

Silvacom is uniquely positioned to provide statistical analyses and guidance to our forestry clients. For over 30 years, Silvacom has developed a reputation for innovative analyses of natural resource data.

Silvacom has invested in developing an exceptional team with over 20 Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs), technicians (RPFTs) and a talented support group of GIS specialists and statisticians. Silvacom’s multidisciplinary team collaborates closely with our clients to solve problems and to find better, more efficient ways to tackle operational challenges.

The value of analytics and business intelligence is becoming more and more apparent. In forestry, where regulatory requirements are stringent and margins tight, Silvacom’s analytical team provides valuable insights to enable good decision-making. Over the last 30 years, our team has developed solutions for a wide range of forestry problems using the latest statistical methods and software.

Standard types of analysis include:

  • A bar graph
    Volume and piece size analysis
  • Wood products
    Log line allocation
  • A mountain pine beetle
    Mountain pine beetle risk ratings
  • Wildlife
    Wildlife habitat rankings
  • A pie chart
    Landscape-level values analysis
  • A saw
    AAC & Harvest Sequence Optimization
  • A document with a check mark
    Sample Design
  • Trees
    Temporary and permanent sample plot compilation
  • A graph
    Forest biomass and carbon assessments

Silvacom Specializes in Statistical Analysis for Forestry

Since 1983 Silvacom has worked closely with our forestry clients to identify and solve key problems using advanced quantitative procedures. Silvacom’s analytical work has provided investment-grade forecasts for many successful start-ups. Our innovative approach to problem-solving has significantly improved operations and profitability in a wide range of mature business operations.

We measure our success directly in terms of our clients’ success. Our team is well-equipped with analytical expertise and industrial experience to support strategic and tactical decision-making.

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