The Silvacom Approach to Effective Mapping

Maps must communicate effectively. Silvacom’s approach to mapping is to custom-tailor our products to our clients’ specific needs. Our maps are designed to fulfill a specific purpose and speak to a defined audience.

Purpose-built maps can:

  • Illustrate directions (how to get from point A to point B)
  • Highlight the difference between geographic features
  • Demonstrate the results of analyses
  • Summarize aspects of an operational plan
  • Provide a backdrop for landscape features to be displayed

Our GIS team includes a variety of skilled specialists in geospatial data management, cartography, resource analysis and graphic design. We have extensive experience integrating large and complex data sets from a wide variety of sources. Graphic design as well as state-of-the-art visualization and cartographic techniques are used to create well thought out and attractive map products. We pay extreme attention to both form and function in our map and graphics products.

Some examples of the types of maps we produce are:

  • Presentation quality poster maps
  • Thematic maps
  • Web maps
  • Automated operational map series (through our Maps Online application)
  • Field survey maps
  • 3D maps and visualizations

The Right Map for the Right Purpose

Silvacom has decades of experience with corporate clients in land and resource-based industries. We are passionate about creating useful and compelling map products that communicate important information. Our award-winning maps are recognized throughout the industry.

Our graphic design team – a unique innovation in the industry – collaborates with our GIS analysts and cartographers to develop map products that convey messages accurately and convincingly.

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