Silvacom’s Approach to Image Analysis

Advances in digital remote sensing technology – and data management systems – are improving our ability to extract useful information from airborne and satellite imagery. Silvacom has developed accurate and efficient analytical processes for:

  • A computer screen with a map
    Automated Feature Extraction
  • A line graph
    Delineation & Classification of Industrial Footprint
  • A monitor comparing maps
    Change Detection
  • A bar graph
    Vegetation Inventories

Extracting maximum value from new imagery rests on firm scientific grounding, technical expertise in geospatial systems and analytics, and a commitment to innovation. Attempting to chase this technology is difficult for enterprises whose core business is not related to remote sensing and geomatics.

The key to Silvacom’s success in remote sensing is the development of a skilled and cohesive team of imagery analysts, photo-interpreters, GIS specialists and statisticians. In addition to standardized production work with digital photos and LiDAR, our team focuses on operational research to advance the science associated with the automated classification and analysis of multispectral imagery.

Remote sensing map data

  • Image
    High Resolution 4-Band Imagery
  • A processor
    Imagery Processing
  • 3D glasses
    Softcopy Interpretation
  • Airplane

A Leader in Innovation

Over the last 30 years, Silvacom has developed extensive technical expertise and operational experience in image analysis. As new and improved multispectral imagery becomes available, Silvacom is uniquely positioned to help our clients obtain maximum benefit from advances in remote sensing.

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