Best Practices in Remote Sensing, Photo-Interpretation and Ground-Truthing

Silvacom is an industry leader in forest inventory design and execution. We work directly with our clients to define inventory requirements (scope, resolution, timelines and budget), then design a stratification, ground-truthing, and field sampling program that yields accurate results.

Operational remote sensing and photo-interpretation is undertaken within a well-supervised and systematized framework. All inventory data is georeferenced and uploaded into an ESRI ArcGIS-based geospatial system. Stringent quality control procedures, including external audits by regulators, are implemented at each stage in the inventory process. Our certification to ISO 9001:2015 protocols provides quality assurance and process improvement.

Silvacom’s Professional Foresters Meet With Clients to Customize Solutions That Fit Their Needs.

Specific inventory services and products that Silvacom provides include:

  • Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI)
  • Reforestation Standards of Alberta (RSA) interpretation
  • Comprehensive Automated Land Inventory (CALI) using semi-automated classification of high-resolution, multispectral aerial imagery
  • Ecosite classification
  • Primary Land and Vegetation Inventory (PLVI)
  • Grassland Vegetation Inventory (GVI)
  • Vegetation Resource Inventory (VRI)
  • Cut block updates
  • Anthropogenic and linear disturbance updates

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Silvacom continues to invest in advancing the “state of the art” associated with forest inventory. We are committed to innovation and the continual improvement of both technical and management processes. Silvacom is constantly deploying new science and technologies, developing more effective project management processes, and improving communication strategies with clients and regulatory agencies – all with the intent to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective inventory service to our clients.

At Silvacom, we pride ourselves in having efficient processes and skilled employees able to complete forest inventory work accurately.

Silvacom’s Experience and Quality Sets it Apart

Silvacom is acknowledged as an industry leader in forest inventory – from design through to implementation and delivery. Forest inventory is a key component of that core business. Our multidisciplinary team of inventory specialists includes the most experienced photo-interpreters, analytical foresters, GIS specialists and forest technicians in the business. Since 1983, Silvacom has completed updated forest inventories covering millions of hectares in Western Canada. These inventories have provided the basis for the approval of more forest management plans than any other private enterprise. Just as importantly, these completed inventories have generated crucial geospatial and statistical data for strategic analyses, investment decisions and operational planning.

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