Silvacom’s Data-centric Approach

Silvacom is data-centric and is widely acknowledged in the natural resource industry as being “the data people”. We obsess about the details associated with data collection – from sample design and measurement procedures, through to quality control, data-entry and analysis. To emphasize our passion about data quality, we’ve trademarked the phrase “Data is our core business™”.

Silvacom’s approach includes a detailed understanding our client’s information requirements and business drivers. Focused field surveys are undertaken by skilled and experienced field staff. Effective and disciplined project management procedures ensure that data is collected correctly, and then imported accurately into analytical databases.

Silvacom offers a wide variety of data collection services including the measurement of:

  • Trees and a ruler
    Permanent Sample Plots (PSP)
  • Trees and a clock
    Temporary Sample Plots (TSP)
  • A graph
    Foothills Growth and Yield Association Plots (RLP Plots)
  • A checklist
    Reforestation Standards of Alberta

Silvacom Understands the Need for Good Data

Silvacom has been collecting field survey data for clients for over 30 years. Silvacom’s field services team is well-supervised and includes trained foresters and forest technicians who pay attention to details. Our analysts and biometricians are often end-users of the field data collected; as a result, we understand the importance of obtaining accurate and reliable data. Acquiring the right field data – correctly, the first time – saves our clients time and money.

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