How are Ecosystem Services Impacting Businesses?

Nature is becoming more valuable as natural resources become increasingly scarce. Without making this connection, companies open themselves up to additional business risks while overlooking new opportunities for revenue. Recent actions taken by federal and provincial governments show that a comprehensive management approach to land management is the way of the future. This presents companies operating on natural landscapes with a great opportunity to be an early adopter of ecosystem services, integrating them into their sustainable development strategy.

There are a number of reasons companies should incorporate an ecosystem service approach to management into their business planning:

  • An ecosystem service approach to land management is not currently mandated. This creates opportunities for your company to go above and beyond current regulatory requirements, improving social license to operate and potentially preferential access to key markets.
  • This trend has the potential to add significant value to your company by leveraging company-owned natural capital, identifying new business opportunities, reducing new business risk, and increasing transparency with shareholders.
  • The appetite for clean energy is larger than ever and increasing. Reporting on the flow of a suite of ES, including carbon, in your company’s portfolio will improve public relations and showcase your sustainability actions that currently go unreported.

Silvacom’s Ecosystem Services

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Ecosystem Services Analysis

Silvacom can assist with incorporating ecosystem services into sustainability reporting, allowing companies to track and report the impact they have on the collection of benefits an ecosystem provides. This analysis also identifies additional risks and opportunities that may have been missed by traditional systems – providing access to new revenue streams, and offset market opportunities.

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Pay vs. Restoration Analysis

With the emergence of offset markets, companies often have the opportunity to pay into an offset fund or to complete restoration work separately. Silvacom’s analysis weighs the benefit of restoration against the cost of an offset fund to assist in making an informed decision that aligns with a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and business strategies.

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Offset Optimization Planning

If restoration is the optimal solution for a company, offset optimization planning will help identify the best areas for restoration that will derive the most benefits.
Silvacom can tailor the plan to your company’s needs, with the optimization focused on a multiple benefit (i.e. maximizing the benefit of improved caribou habitat, carbon
sequestration and timber supply) or a single benefit (i.e. heavily focused on improving water quality).

White Paper for Emerging Trends in Sustainable Development

To further explore ecosystem services as an emerging trend in sustainable development, download our white paper: Emerging Trends in Sustainable Development: An Ecosystem Service Approach.

Silvacom Can Help Leverage Ecosystem Services to Improve Your Company

Silvacom is a key partner of the Ecosystem Service and Biodiversity Network and are leading experts in the measurement and assessment of ecosystem services. We can prepare an offset optimization plan to identify areas where potential offset holdings will get you the most benefit for the least cost; or if you are already an offset holder, we can complete an ecosystem services analysis to assess the tradeoffs in land use planning, wetlands protection, conservation, and so on, so that the total value of the offset holding can be maximized. Contact us to learn more about how leveraging ecosystem services can improve your company.

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