Little is Known About Biomass Feedstock

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Without investment-grade, location-based information about the biomass resource, the development of viable bioresource industries cannot proceed.

Silvacom Has Developed An Industry-Leading Bioresource Information System

Silvacom is an industry thought-leader in developing geospatial inventories and information systems for bioresources. We specialize in the acquisition and analysis of scientifically-based, empirical biomass estimates derived from:

  • Trees
    Forested land
  • A barn
    Agricultural residues
  • City buildings
    Municipal solid waste

Silvacom’s team can help to determine if a viable supply of biomass exists for a proposed facility. Analyses include an accounting of emissions and strategic guidance to ensure that proposed operations and supply-chains are sustainable and that overall environmental impacts are minimized.

Silvacom Has Developed Innovative Methods to Assess Biomass

Silvacom has unique expertise associated with the measurement and assessment of ecosystem services. We have pioneered the development of BRIMS, the BioResource Information Management System, as an integrated geospatial, web-enabled platform for storing, analyzing and distributing ecosystem services data. Concepts underpinning BRIMS have been rigorously tested. A sophisticated online portal and prospectus generator, providing location-specific biomass information, is under development. Silvacom’s experts deploy the latest tools and biomass data, such as the Canadian Forest Service’s Carbon Budget Model (CBM-CFS3), and spatial planning systems to assess biomass supply – and potential emissions associated with various uses of biomass.

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