Since 1983, Silvacom has brought innovation, value and results to clients by creating solutions for large landscapes over long time frames.

Environmental Planning & Analysis

  • Caribou Habitat Restoration

    Silvacom has the expertise, experience, and tools to successfully support caribou habitat planning and restoration.

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  • Environmental Monitoring

    Silvacom works collaboratively with our clients to design and implement environmental monitoring programs to provide meaningful results.

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  • Ecosystem Services

    Silvacom helps their clients integrate an ecosystem services approach into their sustainable development strategies.

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  • Biomass Assessments

    Silvacom is an industry thought-leader in developing geospatial inventories and information systems for bioresources.

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    The Bio-Resource Information Management System (BRIMS) is a world-class, publicly available data and information management system of Alberta biomass, ecosystem services, and land-use data.

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Forest Management

  • Forest Management Planning

    A forest management plan must meet regulatory requirements, but must also provide real value to the company in terms of operational information and guidance.

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  • Resource Analysis

    Silvacom is uniquely positioned to provide statistical analyses and guidance to our forestry clients.

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  • Forest Inventory

    Forest inventories require a significant investment and can take an inordinate amount of time to complete.

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  • Timber Damage Asessments

    Silvacom offers comprehensive land use services that are tailored to fit an individual company’s needs.

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  • Field Surveys

    We obsess about the details associated with data collection – from sample design and measurement procedures, through to quality control, data-entry and analysis.

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GIS Services

  • Valtus Views Imagery

    Silvacom has been working with our partners to provide clients with Valtus Views subscriptions and innovative derivative products.

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  • Spatial Analysis

    The power of geospatial information lays in its organization and content as well its location-based characteristics.

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  • Data Services

    Silvacom solves the big geospatial data problem.

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  • Image Analysis

    Advances in digital remote sensing technology and data management systems are improving our ability to extract useful information from aerial and satellite imagery.

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  • Mapping

    Silvacom’s approach to mapping is to custom-tailor our products to our clients’ specific needs.

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