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Our Core Values

Our core values guide us in our attitude towards our staff, our customers and our communities. We want our integrity and values to be known and respected both within and outside our company. To achieve the reality of being the “Employer of Choice™”, we are committed to building an enduring company that attracts and retains top quality people – and provides a challenging environment for them to grow and develop to their personal potential.

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We are a team, not a collection of individuals

Our people are Silvacom’s most valued asset. We stress the importance of establishing strong and trusted relationships – amongst our leadership, our staff, our clients and extending into our communities. Trust, respect and integrity are essential. Working together as a team, we are able to accomplish more by taking advantage of each person’s strengths, aptitudes and unique talents. Each person’s contribution is important. Our vision is that our team members will engage their working lives doing something significant for our customers and in making the world a better place.

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We use innovation to solve problems & produce results for our clients

We have a passion for making a significant difference in the world by solving problems through creativity and innovation. We are always looking for better ways to do things, from discerning key opportunities (or problems) to looking for new ways to approach issues and inject advances in science and technology. We judge ourselves on our ability to produce meaningful solutions to mission-critical problems.

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We serve our clients & each other; our success depends on our clients’ success

We take an “agent of the client” approach to solving problems for our clients – focusing first and foremost on the solution that contributes most to our clients’ success. We want our staff to take a servant attitude while achieving a significant impact in the profitability and performance of our clients’ business. We operate in an environment of open and honest communication. Evidence of our success is measured in terms of customer respect and loyalty.

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We are entrepreneurs who make & reinvest profits so that we can grow

We have an ambitious goal to maintain vigorous growth and profitability. Our vision to build a great and enduring company is based on our integrity (doing what’s right), our technical abilities and our work ethic. Profits from our efforts allow us to compensate and reward staff, and reinvest in training, technology, infrastructure and charitable initiatives.