Children from Silvacom's charity work in Africa

Silvacom’s Business is Guided by Our Purpose and Core Values

Silvacom’s mission is to be engaged in meaningful work and make a positive difference in the world.

Our Company’s Culture is Based on the Following Core Values:

  • We are a team, not a collection of individuals
  • We serve our clients and each other; our success depends on our clients success
  • We use innovation to solve problems and produce results for our clients
  • We are entrepreneurs who make and reinvest profits so that we can grow

Our core values guide us in our attitude towards our staff, our customers and our communities – and in our approach to social responsibility. We want our values to be known and respected both within and outside our company. To achieve the reality of being the “Employer of Choice™”, we are committed to building an enduring company that attracts and retains top quality people – and provides a challenging environment for them to grow and develop to their personal potential.

From a business perspective, Silvacom’s team is determined to make a significant difference in the profitability and performance of our clients’ operations. We advocate responsible land and resource development – and environmental stewardship – through the application of ethical, evidence-based management practices. As entrepreneurs, we constantly seek to identify opportunities to employ our talents in solving data management and technology problems.

Our Approach to Corporate Citizenship

We believe that corporate citizenship includes a responsibility to serve others. As a medium-sized enterprise, we believe that our team can achieve significant reach and impact – in both our work-world and society-at-large. Our vision is that our team members will not only engage their working lives doing something significant, but that they’ll also be engaged in making the world a better place.

To address needs at the local and global level, our approach to “giving back” involves both charitable giving and direct involvement in our community.

Charitable Giving

Our philanthropic efforts are guided by three core objectives:

  1. Help the poorest of the poor
  2. Focus on children
  3. Promote educational opportunities

We believe that charitable giving is an investment in children, youth and their communities. We have an intentional strategy that is focused on improving the lives of children in need – at home, and globally.


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At home, Silvacom are involved in a number of fundraising and sponsorship commitments:

  • For a number of years, Silvacom has sent a relay team to the annual K-100 run through Kananaskis country. This 100 mile run is a fundraiser for Hostelling International.
  • Summer BBQ’s are organized to support the Edmonton Foodbank.
  • Silvacom supports the University of Alberta’s Forestry Society through sponsorship of their annual Logger Sports Day, their Alumni Golf Tournament and by buying our Christmas tree from them every year.
  • Previously, Silvacom has also provided GIS mapping support, as a public service, for investigations undertaken by Dr. Peter Murphy for the Forest History Society of Alberta. A number of remarkable historical features related to the forest industry in Alberta have been unearthed through examination of detailed remotely-sensed imagery.

In Africa

  • People outside a school in africa
  • African students
  • Plan Canda

Since 2006, Silvacom has been involved in a number of charitable initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa:

  • The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Children at Risk/School-in-a-Bag. This program was designed to help Christian schools in South Africa deliver basic education to poor children from at-risk environments. Since our involvement, this program has matured into a self-sustaining charitable organization.
  • The Timothy Girls College and Teacher Training Centre in Masaka, Uganda. Funds were provided to purchase 50 acres of land on which a school campus has been built by donors in Western Canada. The Timothy project focuses on five areas:
    1. Timothy Girls High School (a boarding school to accommodate up to 300 students)
    2. Teacher/Leadership Training Centre for teachers in Central and Eastern Africa
    3. Entrepreneurship Centre aimed at encouraging sustainable businesses and job creation
    4. Guest house lodging for visiting educators and missionaries
    5. Demonstration and teaching farm designed to improve farming practices and to introduce honey production as a source of income for local residents
  • The Silvacom Social Club plays an important role in the direct sponsorship of a child through Plan Canada.

Classrooms for Africa

  • Victorious
  • Rwentutu
  • Creamland

In 2008, we helped to start “Classrooms for Africa” (Bob Morton is a founding Board member). Classrooms for Africa is a charitable society that provides direct assistance to communities in east and southern Africa who want to provide education to disadvantaged children in their communities. It provides grants to build classrooms, dormitories and other school buildings.

Since 2008, Silvacom has directly funded over 33 projects in Sub-Saharan Africa including classroom blocks, dormitories and kitchens. 

Representatives from Silvacom visit Classrooms for Africa projects on an annual basis. Silvacom also plays a role in fundraising and collaborating with other like-minded businesses to extend the program’s reach and effectiveness throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Employee Involvement

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Individual staff members volunteer their time to raise money for a variety of worthwhile causes. Events have been organized by our team to assist with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Movember and Santas Anonymous.

Silvacom Gives Back

To address needs at the local and global level, our approach to “giving back” involves both charitable giving and direct involvement in our community.

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