Edmonton downtown

Silvacom Ltd was established in Edmonton in 1983 by its founding partners, Tom Grabowski and Bob Morton – both graduates of the University of Alberta. During its establishment phase, work focused on consulting services (statistical design and analysis services for government and research operations) and the innovative application of ruggedized hand-held computers for field data collection. Growing into the industrial market, Silvacom pioneered the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), advanced database technologies, mobile computing and analytics for resource inventories, management, mapping and land base planning. With the advent of GPS and wireless communications, the company’s experience was extended into the realm of collecting and managing positional data for truck fleets and heavy equipment operators.

As Silvacom grew, it became evident that one of its core strengths was related to a passion and ability to manage big data sets containing complex geospatial information. This was reflected in the company’s success in consulting, developing desktop and mobile applications, as well as in providing hosted geospatial data services. To provide market focus, in 2002 Silvacom trademarked the phrase (North-America wide) “Data is our core business™”.

In 2002 Silvacom launched one of the resource industry’s first internet subscription services for mapping, data management and analytics. Innovative both from a technical and business model perspective, “Silvacom Online” has grown to encompass numerous web-based applications that help customers in many sectors accomplish mission critical tasks.

In 2010, Silvacom leveraged its market position in data management services by becoming an equity partner in two Calgary firms: MNC Ltd. and AltaLIS Ltd. MNC is a survey engineering firm that focuses on CAD-based management of cadastral surveys, titles mapping and plan integration. AltaLIS, as the operational partner for Alberta Data Partnerships (ADP), provides hosting and data distribution services for provincial base and imagery data sets. In combination, the “Silvacom Group” provides a unique and effective team that has the capability to address a wide array of resource and data management problems.

Over the years, Silvacom and its equity partners have worked for both governmental and industrial clients in a wide variety of sectors including energy (conventional oil and gas, oil sands), utilities (pipelines, electric), municipalities and the forest industry. Recognizing the need for high quality information, Silvacom has committed to external audit procedures through ISO 9001:2015 protocols and recently with ISNetWorld.

Silvacom’s success has always been built on the strength and experience of its staff. The company values relationships within its operation, as well as with its customers and suppliers. To recruit and retain personnel, Silvacom has developed a framework for competitive compensation, rewards, training, and advancement opportunities. The company offers an industry-leading benefits package and has introduced an Employee Share Ownership program to senior members of its management team. Silvacom’s ESOP provides clients and staff with the assurance of steady leadership, a planned succession – and indicates the firm’s commitment to becoming “The Employer of Choice™”.