Where the Wild Things Are: A Review of the Algar Wildlife Monitoring Project

In recent years, there have been ongoing improvements in resource exploration techniques that have allowed for faster recovery of the impacted forest. However, legacy conventional seismic lines have often been slow to revegetate on their own, especially in lowland conditions. Some of these legacy seismic lines have remained on the land base for well over […]

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Alberta bio-economy

Moving Forward with Bio-Industrial Innovation and Investment in Alberta Communities

Local Economies Switch Things Up The economic landscape is changing and communities are looking for new ways to sustain their economies. Economic diversification is the focus for many communities and organizations, and the opportunities to take advantage of one of Alberta’s most abundant resources, biomass, is a prospect that shouldn’t be ignored. Advancing the bio-economy […]

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Alberta's Top Employers

Silvacom – One of Alberta’s Top Employers 2017

Originally published in the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Silvacom Cultivates Careers – and Fun At Silvacom, the social event of the season is an annual pig roast fundraiser. It brings together employees of the Edmonton-based, environmental consulting and software development firm and their families to support the company’s […]

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Silvacom staff

Where did Silvacom’s name and brand originate?

I find that I am often asked what the Silvacom name means and/or where it came from, so I asked Bob Morton, one of our founding partners and our current CSO and Chairman of the Board to pen a quick blog that explains the history behind the Silvacom name and brand. “We (Bob and Tom) […]

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From Proof of Concept to Effective Tools: Proving Silvacom’s Innovative Linear Restoration Techniques Work

This past fall, Silvacom was back on the ground in Northeast Alberta revisiting monitoring plots established during previous linear restoration projects. Combined, these linear restoration projects have restored approximately 420 km of seismic lines in critical caribou habitat areas. As part of these restoration projects, over 176,000 trees have also been planted. The associated monitoring […]

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